Bootin’ About

We went out bootin’ about this evening. Enjoying the relatively comfortable weather to go out for a post dinner stroll. It was a pleasant change after rain and freezing conditions and always walking south into the heart of the University District to walk north on under a reddish grey sky into the heart of the Ravenna neighborhood. Very cozy neighborhood. 

In the process of admiring his house we met one of our new neighbors Lee (Leigh?) on the north side of the ravine, just across the footbridge. He was just back from Hawaii and on his way in the morning to their home in the south of France. Spoke of the “live and let live joie de vivre” vibe he’s been happily exposed to in the French countryside. 

We did a little of that joie de vivre tonight as we booted about together. Bringing a little more levity and lightness and laughter back into the winter night. Spring may be just around the corner, but when its the present moment and it’s still winter, it’s a perfect day to go bootin with you sweetheart(s)!

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