Biggest Loser

The common theme in our family lately seems that of having gained weight, being overweight or wanting to lose some weight. Mr. Cat recently had a near-brush with death whereby, among other lifesaving interventions, he incidentally got weighted (22 pounds!) and the takeaway message from the veterinarian was that he could stand to lose 1-2 kilograms. Doctor’s orders!

We love you Mr. Cat!

I’ve also been eating with impunity, thinking everything turns into milk these days. Which is true to a point. These past few weeks the scale has tipped noticibly towards the excesses of irresistibly delicious bread and scrumptious vegan butter consumed… Macrina, so good! Weigh-in today confirms the truth. A few weeks ago I was successfully maintaining at a pre-pregnancy baseline weight of less than 125. Today: 128.8. 

Eighteen pounds of bucking bronco baby!

So, commences The Biggest Loser challenge. Lake is even throwing his hat into the ring. No one expects him to win though. He’s currently hovering around 18 pounds with his official nine months well child check coming up in a week. 


Our favorite tips for remedying our overweights are:

  1. Halt the refined carbohydrates. 
  2. Get moving! A walk around the block can easily become a walk around the city. 
  3. Have a glass of water. Delicious and craving quenching… so satisfying!
  4. Eat some fruits and vegetables!

Trading in this:

Fresh-baked warm vegan chocolate chip cookies… wow!

For this:

Ok, the bacon is a rare treat… feel free to substitute tofu!

Want to join in the challenge? Let us know! …And we’re off to the races!

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