More Snow!

We woke up to a white surprise here in Seattle this morning … more snow!

This video doesn’t exist

Michael made it safely in to work driving early in the snow, and today is the day I start my new walking commute position at the UW Tower processing and authorizing medication refill requests. So I’m all set to go as long as I wear my boots with their all weather treads. So exciting! Now all I need are a few pictures in the snow with my snow bunny Lake!

One thought on “More Snow!

  1. We didn’t get any snow; I’m bummed out! Chilly Hilly was yesterday. ..true to it’s name. The weather culled out the woosies. Greg did part of it as part of his “Wellness” event for work. Not sure if hypothermia is actually any part of “wellness.” You got a position in the U District? Is it permanent? How handy.
    Couldn’t you get a bus on 15th to 45th? I used to ride the bus alot there.

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