Long and Lean

At his 9 month well-child check yesterday he let his doctor really know how he felt about naked head-circumference measurements. He weighed in at 18 pounds, distributed over 21 inches. (I’m also still the same as last weekend 128.8… so far we are tying for “biggest loser” and we are both big winners. ) Anyway, this puts him at 78 and 22 percentile for height and weight respectively. A long and lean baby machine!

Then Lake got really wound up last night. It’s like he knew it was going to be his monthly anniversary so he needed to hit all his milestones in time. Plus there’s no 29th this month this year so he had to make the most of the midnight moment. 

Voila! He did it all. He was crawling for the first time. Giving kisses for the first time. And pulling himself up to standing from the floor. Really! Long and lean… what an all-star!

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