Food Poisoning 

You don’t look sick, my Dad says, but it doesn’t matter… I am.

The day opened with loud thunder and my tummy echoed the ominous rumbling. The ensuing two days and one long night foretold a tale of great intestinal distress. I guess you haven’t really been a parent until you’ve been breastfeeding on one side and vomiting over the other. Luckily my parents didn’t mind getting up at 3 am as well, taking over Lake care and stoking up the fire, while I was completely out of commission. 

Today I was trying to balance my desire to eat with the likely retaliation of my gut later on. It’s hard because I’m hungry and I also need to keep on providing Lake his meals. So after being sick all day yesterday and not eating anything I was feeling literally depleted by dinnertime. My appetite encouraged me as I tucked into a fine meal of Dover sole, baked sweet potato wedges, polenta with salsa and green salad. I took a double portion of everything. The night was one of recompense. So today I didn’t eat really tried to stick to the BRAT diet, a few Banana slices, Rice and chicken soup, Apple slices and Toast, well toasted rice tortillas. It required exercising much restraint not to have the second bowl of chicken and rice soup. But if my body’s not ready, it’s not pleasant. 

I’m hoping that the night will be uneventful and tomorrow the tummy thunder will have passed. 

Was it maybe this innocent looking meal?

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