Apple of my Eye

Lake is usually up for an adventure involving a walk. And we’ve been having fun walking around in the surroundings’ Eastern Washington Pinus ponderosa, ponderosa pine, forest. The air has such a fresh fragrant aroma! There are also birch and alder in the upper wetlands at our end of the lake. We love the trees!

Today is stormy typhoon rainy, but the last two days were the opposite with warm days and freezing ights. They had been super sunny clear days with brilliant blue skies and geese taking flight in v-formation. We had walked down the way to the end of the lake through the neighboring McKenzie Nature Conservancy again. We love it in here. We ended up at the old apple orchard by the lake. More cool trees! We picked a few apples by reaching on tippy toes and climbing up into the lower branches. Taking a sample I paused to appreciate our youngest traveling companion. 

He is a sweet and amicable little fellow. So kind, thoughtful and easy going. In spite of not having vocabulary, he’s nonetheless a clear and honest communicator. Lake has quickly become the apple of my eye. I’m not the only one either. His grandparents are not immune to his charms and are incredibly devoted to him as well. 

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