Play Date

It was nice amidst all the flurry of home economics activities going on this week to be able to take some time out this afternoon. It’s a godsend that I’m on maternity leave since finding our family a home practically constitutes a full time job. 

So, stop the clock… Lake has a play date!

Well, he had fun, but ultimately I think it was really more for me. It was great to head over to Ballard and see some of the PEPSers. It had been a while. I miss those women! 

A pretty fall day to enjoy a walk and some camaraderie!

And maybe a Full Tilt vegan pumpkin spice ice cream… so seasonal! so delicious! (Shhh, it’s the breastfeeding made me do it!)

Who, me?!

Yes, you! (And I love you dearly, Lake.) Thanks for the successful play date, friends. I really needed that!

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