Kitten Mittens; Bees Knees

I just dropped Lake off at Bright Horizons at 9:30. I have the day off. I feel light. The back of me feels free. The front of me feels empty. He usually rides up front. I feel a bit adrift but guided with a long list of errands to accomplish before my son gets hungry for his mummy. I don’t feel guilty… I take this as a good sign. I have a feeling the day is going to whiz by. 

It’s such a gorgeous day. And so cold; a cold snap! I woke up smiling; I woke up early. I started puttering around the house before six o’clock, excited for my day off. The air is so cold outside that the house thermostat set at 64 won’t let the natural gas furnace catch its breath. The walls and the floors of the house begin popping, like rice crispies… snap! crackle! pop! Brrrrr!

Lake continued to sleep until eight o’clock. He slept all through the night since 9:30pm! He woke up twice but went right back to sleep on his own accord. Hibernating and cozy?! Smart lad. 

So now still I’m sans son, out doing errands and I have to say, thus far I’m not seeing the advantages. At Hardwick Hardware both employees were rude to me and gave me attitude for my straightforward request for help cutting a key. It was a bit of a shock. First because they are usually so nice and second I think I’m used to the Service Culture at my place of work which I really appreciate and a bubble of special treatment outside of my workplace due to Lake’s omnipresent cuteness. I’m sure they would have been kind if Lake would have been with me. He’s such a harbinger of joy. He’s the kittens mittens. So, what you gonna do? Shed the layers of clothes and celebrate our new IMA membership by taking a sauna! I cheated… I didn’t work out first! Just out walking errands in the cold. But that’s something I couldn’t have Lake accompanying m for, though … so carpe diem!

An hour later I leave refreshed and transformed. My toes feel warm and alive. Once again the sun is shining inside and out. Even without Lake, that place is the bees knees. I walk home smiling. 

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