Birthday Blessings 

You know you are getting old when your birthday mostly means the dreaded mad rush for finishing your annual continuing education credit hours. Before your deadline which is always on your birthday. Each year I say next year, I’ll do a few hours a month. And I’ll submit my federal taxes in January. Hasn’t happened yet. 

At first glance it’s an unremarkable birthday; not one of the big O’s , just waking up trying to squeeze in a shower, making coffee, going in to work. 

When I pause for a moment of reflection, though, birthday blessings abound. In small and big ways today is really special. I’m so blessed with life and love. 

First thing in the morning my husband texts me… 

is my ring in the sheets ? It’s not on and it’s the only place I can think it might be. 

He’s left the house early to go in to work the early shift. It is, and seeing it there and knowing there’s a person on the other side of it fills my soul with warmth. 

There’s wisdom in getting older… the present moment speaks if you’re there to listen. 

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Blessings 

  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday, Tolle. I thought I can not always read and then leave without leaving a comment. 😉 Well, I am your creepy follower from Australia and I have to admit I thoroughly enjoy your writing oh and I also happen to be Jo’s sister. 😂 Thank you so much for welcoming my little sister so warmly into your family. I feel very relieved seeing that she is in good hands so far away from home. If it is ok I will keep following Lakes adventures on here. Cheers from Down Under x

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    1. Hello Sabrina! Yes, thank you for reading our blog. I love knowing that you’re following alongside us. We look forward to getting to know your whole family better with time. Thank you for sharing Jo with us! We feel very blessed to have her here.


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