Super Sonic

This morning I had a few extra minutes so I did something my dental team wants me to do every morning. I brushed my teeth before running out of the house. But since Jo was not officially “on duty” yet and Lake’s decibel level inversely correlated with how close he was to me this morning, I was holding him. When I started the electric toothbrush, it revealed itself that it was a new experience for Lake. So I’m holding him on my hip with one arm, brushing my teeth with the Sonicare with the other. (Something I’m sure I’ll be doing more and more of soon.) His eyes immediately go full round. He’s so intently interested in this new sensory phenomenon. Mummy brushing her teeth and it buzzes, vibrating ultrasonically. Wow! He’s thinking: this is really something! Super sonic! He didn’t make a noise or move the whole time. I could practically feel new neurons synapse and his brain creating new neural pathways right in front of my eyes. I really should be brushing my teeth more regularly. And taking my fish oil. 

What a gem! Photo by Jo Baykal

Look at that brain… and that smile! And all those teeth, too! Guess who’s next?

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