Lake learned how to open and close the kitchen cupboards this evening. Michael showed him how to get started and Lake ran with it. Really gripping and pulling. It was pretty engaging. Lake opens. Lake closes. Whee; he’s rather pleased with his newfound skills. His learning curve is impressively steep. He’s pretty fun!

Lake’s explorations and discoveries reminds us some of Jo’s steep learning curve with polishing her English. We love her endearing idioms and are reluctant for the inevitable as they fall by the wayside and she moves toward more correct but boring grammar. For example, she’s been calling clothes by the expected plural format of “clotheses”. We really find it sweet. Michael agreed maybe he needed some new clotheses. So it’s with mixed emotions that per her request I correct her English. 

You ride, not drive, the bus. 

You changed Lake’s diaper one hour ago, not for one hour. 

And you simply wear your clothes, not clotheses. 

But Lake is growing up so fast. He even closes the cupboard doors now! So, really don’t mind if every once in a while we reminisce and for old times sake you dress Lake in his cute clotheses outfits. 

2 thoughts on “Clotheses

  1. Haha love it! Jo told me about those words and we had a good ol laugh especially about her “driving the bus”. 😂 I know she is going to be a pro in no time. Until then we shall enjoy her ooopsies. 👍😉

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