Full Tilt

Lake likes to live life at full tilt. That involves smiling at strangers. Flirting with neighbors. Wiggles and giggles. Ice cream for breakfast. Just kidding. But today was National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Who knew? We were Lindsin around the Upper Ave today having brunch at Arayas and cruising through the rain or shine (rain today!) year-round University District Farmer’s Market and we discovered this fun fact. We popped in at Full Tilt and met Annelise our ultra nice ice cream barista, a sophomore majoring in mathematics and much like Lake: interested in all aspects of life. This Full Tilt is like the little known country cousin of the glamorous Full Tilt in Ballard. There they served mimosas and waffles and had a pajama party contest in honor of Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Here on the Upper Ave we were rewarded with an empty shop: so no lines, no fuss, just personal service and a nice chat. Building community, living life at Full Tilt. 

Thank you for hosting us and sharing the Full Tilt feeling!

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