Superboy Sunday

We watched part of the Super Bowl as part of Super Bowl Sunday and Lake really likes Lake Gaga! Thank you for hosting the Baby Bowl 2017, Gisselle! You guys and Roland are truly lovely hosts. We also enjoyed a visit from Aunt Janet and Uncle Neil, and a brave Miranda and Jason volunteered to babysit Lake while we all went out to the Moore to see one of our all time favorite films, the Swedish vampire flick Let the Right One In acted out by the National Theater of Scotland. It was a fantastic performance, impressive set, and overall phenomenal production! Successful impromptu Date Night made possible with friends…

Mostly though, Lake and Mummy just had a mellow weekend at home while Daddy worked and Jo took the time off to go out with friends and enjoy Seattle. We appreciated the time together to bond and lounge around. While the halftime show with Lady Gaga was great, the highlight for me was really a perfect day with my Super Boy!

Super Baby

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